“Incredible, that is the word I always find myself using to describe Hudson Sauce.  I can put it on anything and I use it pretty much daily.  It is the best tasting barbecue sauce I’ve ever had and by far the healthiest.  The health factor is huge for me.  I am an Amateur Strongman competitor and I have to maintain a certain weight to be able to compete in the sport’s various competitions.  It would be a dream if I were able to eat barbecue sauce every day and still maintain a specific weight.  Hudson Sauce has made that dream a reality.  I swear by this sauce and I recommend it to everyone.” – Nick Shelton (North American Strongman Competitor – Men’s Middleweight Champion)

“Dieting can be a grind, and cutting weight for a competition takes a very strict meal plan. Chicken, broccoli, tuna, asparagus, brown rice, and the list goes on. Your diet can become very boring and very plain, considering you have to watch your sodium intake, and sometimes sacrifice flavor. I love Hudson Sauce because it only has 20 calories per serving and 3 grams of sugar! Hudson Sauce is very low in sodium, and has an incredible taste compared with any other barbecue sauce on the market. You absolutely can not beat the flavor! Hudson Sauce helps keep my meals right on point and I can finally enjoy plain chicken and broccoli again! Thank you Jahleel and your Hudson Sauce!” – Kelly Bryan (North American Strongman Competitor – Woman’s Lightweight division)

“Today I purchased the ORIGINAL and the SPICY BBQ sauces, both are absolutely delicious. Glad to meet you Mr. Hudson! Yay for these products. Epic win for this home Chef.” – Anjla G.

“Loving this all natural BBQ sauce w/ 1/2 the sodium and a 1/4 the sugar!!!  BBQ season just got interesting!!! ” – Tanya H.

“Finally broke out the Hudson Sauce, HOLY YUM!!” – Nilo A.

“I hope that all other potential consumers don’t sleep on this great sauce.  I’m a veteran who has cooked in The Velvet Rose in Louisville, KY and 537 Bar B Q lounge and this sauce tops the best that I have tasted.  It is marinated flavor that gives a unique taste of smoked in goodness!” – Greg B.

“Enjoyed Hudson Sauce with chicken and potatoes! Yum!!” – Crystal L.

“Broke out the Hudson Sauce last night for some BBQ chicken with the fam – it was a hit!” – Mel N.

“My family and I enjoyed the bottles of Hudson Sauce and plan to purchase more very soon.” – Scott P.

“Your sauce was a hit in my household and I can’t wait for my grilling season to kick in again at full speed daily.” – James S.