Hudson Sauce Barbecue Marinade Spicy

Case of Spicy BBQ (12 Bottles)


“My family and I enjoyed the bottles of Hudson Sauce and plan to purchase more very soon.” – Scott Price

“I bought two bottles of Hudson Sauce two weeks ago…and my first bottle is GONE!…this is some good stuff. I put it on Chicken, Steak, aaand my hamburgers. Cant wait til' grilling season…look out! Keep up the good work!” – Gerald Jackson III

“This is lonnnnnnngggggggggg overdue, I couldn't believe I didn't have to add any extra flavoring to your sauce. Hudson Sauce on salmon or baked chicken really made my dinner something special. I can't wait to marinade a steak this weekend. You know its good when you finish the bottle in two servings. I need another order asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Abu Sesay


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