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Hudson’s Sauce, LLC was founded in August 2009, by Jahleel Hudson. A barbecue aficionado and healthy eater, Jahleel was tired of barbecue sauces that were full of fake sugars and ultra-processed ingredients. He knew he could do better, could create a great tasting barbecue sauce that was also health conscious, goals achieved by his low sodium, all natural products. Since its creation, Hudson’s Sauce has had success at area events, farmer’s markets, and in local businesses.  Hudson’s Sauce, LLC is based in the greater Washington, DC, area and uses all local and natural ingredients in its products.  These tasty marinades can turn any cook into a gourmet chef, as they enhance the flavor of meats, seafood, and even vegetables.  The best part about these sauces are that they are low-in-sodium and are made with all natural ingredients, making these perfect for barbeque lovers who prefer a healthier lifestyle.


Hudson Sauce is a low sodium, all natural, thick barbecue marinade. It can be used on all proteins and provides a unique blend of flavor and versatility, all while remaining healthy. The key to this is our secret spice blend which creates a well-rounded and balanced barbeque flavor in every bottle of Hudson Sauce. Its thick consistency assists with its versatility. Hudson Sauce can be used in all stages of preparation and cooking – to marinate, bake, grill, finish, and as a healthy alternative to other dipping sauces like high-fat, high-calorie dressings and sugary condiments. Plus, the sodium content is half that of most other marinades.  The sugar content is lower because we use molasses as a sweetener instead of the high fructose corn syrup found in most other barbecue sauces.  There are no other products that are as versatile and healthy and still have such a great taste! Hudson Sauce’s Original flavor is perfect for those who love a classic barbecue taste and the Spicy is perfect for the adventurous who like to kick it up a notch.


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  1. D. Bell

    Trying to reach Jahleel Hudson for an opportunity.
    Contact me please.

    • ceohudsonsauce

      D. Bell,
      Thank you for reaching out. Please email me at ceo@hudsonsauce.com.

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